Discover How ScreenCoach is Making a Difference in Real Families!

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The total change in behaviour of my 9 yr old son who has ASD and PDA has been nothing short of astounding since I introduced ScreenCoach. The fact it encourages and rewards good behaviour is a game changer. I set it for 0 free time each day – he therefore has to earn his screen time by doing jobs, school work and even taking time away from the screen. I only give him a daily limit of 3 hours but if his misbehaves I can turn off all of his devices instantly. He used to only be allowed 1 hr per day on devices but I allow him a bonus 2 hours to reward his hard work and to also allow him to choose if he wants to bank his tokens or use them. I no longer need to nag and he can’t argue about not wanting to do what I asked as at the end of the day, if he wants screen time, he needs to earn it and as soon as his time runs out he can’t argue when his “computer says “No”! If you have kids who have some behavioural issues or even ones who spend too much time on devices or you can’t get them to do what you want/need them to do and in a timely manner, then I can’t recommend this app highly enough. ScreenCoach also have an amazing online support team available with very quick response times and they will even call you if need be to help!
Winning as a parent, for the first time ever! The kids are running around voluntarily cleaning rooms and doing chores when they realised they’d use all their tokens yesterday! 😀
Already seen a MASSIVE improvement in attitudes… the kids love the game aspect and my son did the dishes without being asked! Who are these kids? This App is gonna change lives!
We have been searching for an App that relieves us of the daily responsibilities of reviewing and setting up screen time every night. Thanks so much for creating ScreenCoach, it’s a huge help in our busy lives.
I have been really liking it!
The girls are adjusting well to the restrictions and I don’t have to be the bad guy. They’re also been doing their chores without whining. win win! I have been referring ScreenCoach to my clients.
Before we had ScreenCoach our problems were an 13 yo that wouldn’t do anything that was asked antisocial would sit in her room and never seen failing in school grades were falling attendance was lacking bad attitude. Since we got screen coach for only about 6 months child is trust worty doesn’t need to be asked to do anything in fact goes above and beyond. grades and attendance in school are now well above standard attitude is human not getting in trouble anywhere communication has been restored. I must add there was major push back on the app at first just stick at it and it will be worth it!
Last night I lay in bed wondering how to solve the screen time problem growing in our house. My 8 year old refused to do homework but when I told him that homework equals screen time – he did an amazing job! I was wondering how to design something in my house where he can earn more time by doing jobs/active things. This morning whilst googling in a frenzy I found your app!!!!! Amazing!!!
I’ve tried a lot of parental control apps (this is the 5th, not counting apple screen time) and this one is the best. The support has been really helpful as I got it set it up. If you’re unsure if you should try it, I highly recommend you give it a try.
ScreenCoach is exactly what we as parents were looking for to manage our kids access to screen time. The ability to put control into their hands to choose their own use of screen time (within defined parameters: time of day, day of week, etc) has enabled them to understand the value of earning and using time at their discretion. Tying screen time to activities is helping to teach our kids the value of doing important and helpful tasks for themselves and the family.
I’ve been using ScreenCoach for a few months now and I love it. My kids are Autistic and ADHD and it’s always been really difficult to get them off their devices and to do other activities. Since using screen coach it’s been amazing, they get a 15minute warning that their device will run out of time and then when it stops without me having to nag them continuously to put the device down. We’ve customised the things to do to suit our family which is great, gets the kids playing together and doing other activities and helping around the house. Thanks for the great app, it’s done wonders for our household
I have spent a lot of time researching various ways to control my kids time spent on iPad, and hands-down. This is the best solution out there the system works beautifully, and my kids adapted almost instantly. They are now eager to do chores around the house as it earns them iPad time! We have experienced a few glitches here and there, but the tech-support has been amazing.