From Screen Time Battles to Family Harmony

Did you know…

According to research, Children with ADHD are between

1.7 & 2.3 times

more likely to become addicted to screens.

Did you know…

According to research, Children with ADHD are between

1.7 & 2.3 times

more likely to become addicted to screens.

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Are you finding it challenging to handle your child’s ADHD symptoms while allowing them screen time? ​


Do you feel like your constant reminders and screen time rules are causing more conflict than calm? ​

Imagine if you could create regular rhythms and routines for your ADHD child and create focus and calm so that they can thrive?

ScreenCoach offers a different approach that addresses common ADHD symptoms:

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Learn how ScreenCoach empowers kids with structure and rewards promotes focus and success.

I’ve been using ScreenCoach for a few months now and I love it. My kids are aged 7 & 9, Autistic and ADHD and it’s always been really difficult to get them off their devices and to do other activities. Since using ScreenCoach it’s been amazing, they get a 15 minute warning that their device will run out of time and then when it stops, without me having to nag them continuously to put the device down. We’ve customised the things to do to suit our family, which is great, gets the kids playing together and doing other activities and helping around the house. Thanks for the great app, it’s done wonders for our household!
ScreenCoach is exactly what we as parents were looking for to manage our kids access to screen time. The ability to put control into their hands to choose their own use of screen time (within defined parameters: time of day, day of week, etc) has enabled them to understand the value of earning and using time at their discretion. Tying screen time to activities is helping to teach our kids the value of doing important and helpful tasks for themselves and the family.

Meet Founder, Stephanie Kakris

Meet Stephanie, your ally in navigating the digital age with your ADHD child. Stephanie understands the unique challenges faced by parents in today's digital world. She has a Masters in Psychology and is a published parenting author. As a mother to two screen-loving, neurodiverse teenagers, she's not just speaking from research; she's speaking from experience. Over the past three years, Stephanie has delved deep into the impacts of screen time on the brain, the science of dopamine and screen addiction, and the reasons behind those tricky tech tantrums. Stephanie's passion lies in helping families understand the link between screen time and ADHD symptoms and to use ScreenCoach to help support you in empowering your children and teaching them critical life long healthy screen time habits.

If you’re feeling guilty about how much your kids are on screens - know this:

It’s not your fault!

The Tech Giants are deliberately engineering our devices to keep our kids (and us!) going back for more and more. It's a difficult loop to break without help.

By installing and using ScreenCoach, you can rest assured that your kids can have the best of both worlds - enjoy their screen time in moderation - without you needing to spend hours monitoring their time and nagging them to do their chores and other healthy non-screen activities.

Don’t wait a moment longer - your kids’ mental and physical health is too important!

With ScreenCoach, you get complete control over your child's screen time, & you can sleep easy knowing that your child is developing healthy screen habits that will last a lifetime.

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Need more info? We got you covered!

We have put together these FAQ’s to help you with what you need to know. 
If there’s anything here that’s not covered, drop us a line at

ScreenCoach tracks each child’s time across multiple devices so that when your child’s time is up, they are blocked and can’t access any of their devices. They then need to go and complete an activity which will earn them tokens (which will translate into more screen time) and/or gems (which will convert into pocket money).

Aside from limiting the time they spend on their devices, you can also set “allowed access times” which will prevent them from accessing any apps outside those allowed times, for example, dinner time or bed time. Let ScreenCoach take all the hard work out of managing your kids screen time!

The ScreenCoach Apps can be installed on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Macs and PC computers.
The ScreenCoach hardware box is an optional additional purchase which will manage your child’s TV and anything connected to it – such as a Gaming Console (eg. Playstation or XBox), streaming services, and apps on the TV itself. You need to subscribe to the software first, and then if you’d like to purchase a ScreenCoach box for AU$199 plus postage, there’ll be a link in the welcome email to purchase.
(NOTE: Available only in Australia and New Zealand at this stage).

There are three stages to the set-up process. The first is setting up your ScreenCoach account and adding family members.

Then you need to add some activities and decide how much time your children can earn for each activity.

Lastly, you need to install the Apps on each device that you want ScreenCoach to manage.

All of this can take a couple of hours in total, but for a lifetime of nag-free parenting, it will be worth it!

We offer FAQ’s and video tutorials which guide you through each of the many ScreenCoach features.

Live chat support is available in the App (talk to a real human!) if you get stuck at all.

You can even purchase an additional affordable support pack if you would like someone to talk you through it all over the phone, step by step.

Rest assured, we have tamper-proofing!
If the ScreenCoach app is not running, their apps will be blocked.
Only parents can delete the ScreenCoach App.

iPhones & iPads will need to have an Apple Family set up (iOS 15 or above), to prevent kids deleting the App.
If ScreenCoach isn’t running properly, parents will be notified and receive a daily report of devices that aren’t configured correctly.
They can’t use a VPN to get around it, and changing the time won’t even get around ScreenCoach.
It works online and offline and even outside the home!

We’ve got you covered! When you sign up, you’ll receive two bonuses – a comprehensive step-by-step guide to introducing ScreenCoach to your family, and “10 common objections your kids might have to ScreenCoach and what to say in response”!
We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you sign up for the monthly plan, you only have to pay $1 for a 30 day trial so there’s virtually no risk – but multiple benefits!

We have created ScreenCoach with school work in mind. If your child has a locked-down school owned device, you may not be able to install ScreenCoach.  However, if you have access to install Apps on your child’s device, you should be able to install ScreenCoach. You can even have a mode called “School time”, where all the non-educational apps are blocked to ensure your child focuses on their school work. This is also perfect for home schooling parents! 

Yes! The ScreenCoach Apps will work in any country. Once you sign up on our website, you will receive instructions to download the mobile Apps from the App Stores and the Web App from our special downloads page.
After the $1 for 30 day trial, ScreenCoach subscription is approximately US$6.70 per month, €6.00 (Euros) or £5.30 (British pounds). (these prices will very slightly depending on the conversion rate).